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Clare’s guide to what to wear on a sun filled vacation this summer, and how to wear it. Finally, it is here. That time of year when we start to plan our escape. An escape to the sea or city, and ideally under the warmth of sun rays. But once we have decided where to go, our attention turns to what to wear. And hopefully not as an afterthought. For years I packed last minute, kicking myself for not having thought through my holiday wardrobe sooner, and I always regretted it. But now I am an expert packer (humble brag), I feel equipped to recommend to you the summer essentials you need now…
“This is the piece of clothing that you will spend most of your time in...” While you might be packing endless swimwear, I can guarantee, that this is the piece of clothing that you will spend most of your time in. Ideal for drifting through a Greek village for lunch, or for after-sun cocktails on the Amalfi, this is your go to. Just add sandals.
“They look equally as good when you return home” Speaking of sandals, imagine these white ropes elegantly wrapped around your bronzed ankles on day three (ok, maybe four) of your holiday. Spoiler, they look equally as good when you return home and can show of those tanned feet with pale blue denim.
YoNow I know that denim might not be the first thing you reach for to pack for the heat, but they are must-haves for that journey home. Flares are the perfect way to feel like you are still on lazy island time, even when the trip is over. Simply belt and add a white vest (bra optional).
You need something that you can pull on easily, is quick drying, and you feel as relaxed with when ordering a cocktail, as you would when throwing them under your lounger. The answer is always silk shorts. Loose, elegant and barely crease, a little piece of packing heaven.
“Honestly, this does the job of 54 dresses. And better. ” Let me be clear, you only need one evening dress on holiday. So before you pack your ballgowns, be realistic about where you are going. We all make that mistake, and they remain hanging in the wardrobe till hometime. So stop, and just bring this one from Tove. Honestly, this does the job of 54 dresses. And better.

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