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Photography: Chris Colls

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Model Alexandra Agoston’s style is a combination of everywhere she has lived. A sense of ease thanks to being born and raised in Sydney, an elegance picked up from her days in Paris, and now an eclecticism from her adopted hometown of New York. The combination of which is that Agoston was the chicest and coolest mum-to-be (she's since welcomed a beautiful baby girl). Here, the Parley Foundation ambassador explains her aesthetic and her work to protect the oceans.

“I love how curated Reluxe is - if I don’t know exactly what I want, it’s the perfect place to browse and fall upon the perfect piece.”

What is your personal style?
A mix of cities I have lived in. I’m from Sydney, Australia and love the laid-back ease of dressing like an Aussie. I lived in Paris as a teenager and always looked up to the chic French women with well-worn classics and minimal timelessness. I now live in New York and am drawn to the energy and diversity in dressing. I love menswear and quality pieces I can wear over and over.

How has that changed during pregnancy?
Not really! I thought it would and always had ideas of walking around the city pregnant in long dresses, but I have ended up just evolving my existing style. I have been living in baggy vintage Levi's and tank tops, and men’s tuxedo jackets at night. I love being pregnant and watching my body change - I have so much respect for the female form and think clothes and style should always be a celebration of that.

How do you shop vintage?
Online, I normally will have a specific piece in mind or designer and start from there. I’m loving 90s Gucci by Tom Ford right now. I love how curated Reluxe is - if I don’t know exactly what I want, it’s the perfect place to browse and fall upon the perfect piece.

What is New York style to you?
I love New York because you can pretty much wear anything anywhere and get away with it. I like the play on formality; New Yorkers will turn up to a fancy event underdressed but go to the deli to buy eggs in a full look. Individuality is celebrated and expected.
Tell us about your collaboration with the Parley Foundation?
I started working with Parley for a project on location at The Great Barrier Reef in Australia, the world’s largest ecosystem of coral suffering from bleaching and extinction. Parley raises awareness for the beauty and fragility of our oceans, bringing together creators from different cultures and industries to find new solutions to protect our environment. Last year, I became part of the Parley team as an ambassador and am planning a trip to their ocean school in the Maldives.

I grew up by the ocean and feel deeply connected and want to learn as much as I can. Parley focuses on plastic pollution, the dangers of microplastics for humanity and marine life, working on education, and collaborating with brands to push the fashion industry to a more sustainable future.

How can people make more considered fashion choices?
I really try to look at the materials used when buying new pieces. Being pregnant, I’m very aware of toxins in beauty products and synthetics, and find what is not good for our bodies is also detrimental to our environment. I buy things I love and will wear forever. I think clothes get better with age, when they have a story and memories. I love the idea of passing clothes along to friends or reselling them so their story can continue.
“I think clothes get better with age, when they have a story and memories. I love the idea of passing clothes along to friends or reselling them so their story can continue.”
What is your most treasured item of clothing?
A Dior by John Galliano coat. When I first started modelling I worked with John Galliano at Dior. One season, he invited me to a private archive that only the atelier had access to where I chose a coat from a collection I walked for.

What is the piece of fashion that you are still searching for?
I’d love a vintage Australian surf T-shirt.

What are your future fashion heirlooms?
I have pieces of my grandmother’s jewellery. I see her hands when I look at the rings and hear her laugh. Fashion when treated in the right way can be so emotive and last forever. I will give them to my daughter one day.

What is your favourite styling tip?
Dress for yourself! I think trends are really fun, but at the end of the day your body is totally unique and finding your own way of wearing something always feels better.

Who is your fashion icon?
Jane Birkin.

Which designers do you hunt for in vintage stores?
Yves Saint Laurent, Celine by Phoebe Philo, Jean Paul Gaultier.

What does luxury mean to you?
A well-worn and loved piece of gold jewellery, the sun on your body after coming out of the ocean, trees, a glass of water, health, long mornings in bed with my man.

What do you collect?
I love to draw and paint. When I’m traveling for work, I love to look at local art supply stores in different countries and find supplies.

What is in your capsule wardrobe?
A YSL tuxedo, white tank, loved pair of blue denim jeans, baggy men’s trousers, soft oversized sweater, vintage watch, cashmere socks, gold chain necklace, Gucci by Tom Ford black dress, well-cut one-piece swimsuit with a low back, white shorts, and sneakers to work out in.

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