The Future of Fashion

Reluxe was created from one singular question – How can we make a difference?

We face a simple reality, in that we must do something to change the culture around sustainability within the fashion industry, to help change the way that people look at pre-loved fashion, or we are going to lose our battle against climate change due to overproduction of garments that we simply don’t need. Or, in short, we want to be a part of the solution rather than the problem, and we believe you do too…

Here at Reluxe we are dedicated to reducing the carbon footprint associated with shopping for fashion in a comprehensive way. Every step of the journey from seller to buyer is meticulously considered. The minute one of our concierges comes to your home to collect your pieces by way of electric vehicle, to the compostable packaging that wraps your new pre-loved items. Circular Fashion isn’t just a phrase that people are throwing around, instead of ‘second hand’ or ‘vintage’, it is the new luxury shopping experience.

Also, because of our established relationships within the fashion industry, we are working closely with designers and brands to resell their archive rather than destroy or burn it. Plus, we are encouraging these designers to make changes within their processes that will help reduce carbon emissions, water pollution and safe ethical working conditions.

We are dedicated to our community, you are that community, and we will provide useful information on how you can make small, but such important, adjustments to your everyday routines, and make smart decisions both in and out of the fashion realm. And perhaps most importantly to us, we want to receive your feedback so that we too can make changes to our platform, to better suit the mission in reaching our common goal. Reluxe is here for you, to have conversations and help answer that original question… “How can WE make a difference?”

Let’s break it down…

The Problem

Over the past two decades we have seen an influx of “fast fashion” that has swept the industry and our high streets. The trend has left our planet overloaded with an excess of poorly manufactured clothes many of which wind up in landfills or incinerators. In addition, many of the brands we know and love are not providing safe work conditions, fair pay or ethically sound environments for their workers. Nor are they held accountable for the environmental impact of their practices due to use of harmful chemicals, Co2 emissions, and other waste resulting in water and air pollution.

The Solution

The global fashion industry generates 10% of the world’s climate-altering emissions, while 80 billion new items of clothing are created every year. Extending the life of clothes by just nine months reduces its carbon, water and waste footprint by 20-30%. Imagine what we could do by simply wearing our clothes longer, exchanging them instead of incinerating them, and loving them for how long they last rather than how they’re considered ‘on trend’. After all, if anything we’ve learned over the recent past, trends will come and go but artfully designed and well styled clothing will always be in style.

Reluxe is a guilt-free and accessible way for people to indulge their love of fashion and refresh their wardrobe while doing good for the planet.

The Little, but Big Things...

As we have said, and will continue to say, it’s all about the small things that can add up to a big change, so we have gathered our favourite lists of tricks and tips, to help you start making a difference now.

Handy Links…

Find expert craftmakers near you to alter, repair and even make-to-measure

or…learn how to make those repairs yourself

Futher reading...

We urge you to dig a little deeper too, but we are happy to get you started with some of the most inspiring charities and organisations, who are literally putting their money where their mouths are.


Founded by Brian Eno, Earth Percent is a charity providing a simple way for the music industry to support the most impactful organisations addressing the climate crisis.


Representing a global network of businesses, individuals, and non-profit organisations that support environmental solutions through annual memberships and everyday actions.


Founded by Livia Firth, Eco Age helps brands to lower their impact on people and the planet, by supporting them to build responsible business practices.

Fashion Takes Action

A non-profit organisation to advance sustainability in the fashion industry through education, awareness, research and collaboration.

New Order of Fashion

An international platform that supports sustainability in fashion by presenting fresh and radical perspectives through innovation, experimentation and co-creation.

Fashion Revolution USA

The USA fashion revolution as they want you to join them in asking #whomademyclothes #whatsinmyclothes throughout the 50 states and beyond.

And finally, an actual reading list of books to educate (while they entertain)…

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