How to Edit Your Closet
Text: Clare Richardson
Reluxe starts with you and your pre-loved pieces becoming beloved to someone else. All it takes is a little closet edit, and this is where it begins.

Let’s be clear about one thing first…changing our shopping habits is no overnight feat. For years we have been told that more is more, with visions of over-flowing dressing rooms, brought to us as a symbol of success. Who doesn’t want walls of bags, and drawers of never-worn shoes in every colour and height?


Well, more than likely your bank account, for one, and secondly, the planet. But let’s not get too preachy, for we all know the pressure that the fashion industry, as it stands, puts on the environment, and we all know about our carbon footprint. We just need to take responsibility for our own impact. So, here at Reluxe, we celebrate the circular fashion movement. Selling something once-loved by you, can become newly-loved by someone else, which extends the lifecycle of each piece of fashion, and the joy it can bring someone else.


We have all opened wardrobe doors and stood in despair at the amount it holds, and yet we still seem to have nothing to wear. The days where you hate everything you own, it all looks stupid on you, and you want to get rid of it all and start again. Yes, we have all been there (yes, even Clare who is literally hired to dress other people). But this is just a sign that you need to edit. Sell forward some of the pieces that no longer feel ‘you’, and make space for the new. Or new to you, at least. It just takes a little bit of time.


“In all seriousness, give yourself at least two hours to edit your wardrobe properly,” advises Clare. “Write yourself a checklist. Do you love it? Do you wear it a lot? Do you ever see yourself wearing it? Be completely honest with yourself and be ruthless. It might be hard at first, but then it becomes addictive. Honest. If you haven’t worn a piece for over a year, and definitely if it still has he tags on it, let it go…to Reluxe…”

“If you haven’t worn a piece for over a year, and definitely if it still has the tags on it, let it go… to Reluxe!”

— Clare Richardson, Founder

Clare does a personal edit at least twice a year, usually when the seasons change. One of the tricks is to keep your wardrobe organized, although easier said than done. However, that way, it will quickly become apparent what you really wear and what gets pushed back again and again. That is also the way that you can begin to determine what your personal style is – we all have one – and what pieces you might be missing. Look at the gaps that now need to be filled, and realize that fast and disposable fashion will never fill that gap. The answer is quality items and pre-loved pieces that will stand the test of time, and retain their value – should you ever want to sell it again. 


Now, see that perfectly curated pile that you have edited out, all you have to do is read through our designer directory, note what brands we do accept, then get in touch and we will take care of the rest. So in just a couple of hours (and it will take less and less time every time you do it), you have more than likely made enough money to buy that item you have been craving for years.


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