Closet Reluxe


Photography: Dan Martensen
Styling: Clare Richardson

Broadcaster, co-founder and Creative Director of Glassette, Laura Jackson, invites our founder, Clare Richardson, into her home to edit her closet. From loved and meaningful knits, through oversized jackets that Clare wrestles from her hands, Laura submits to the integral clear out, while revealing how she shops, mood dressing and what she is always searching for…


What I wear… 

“My style is quite eclectic really. I’m a minimalist and a maximalist. One day I can be in Adidas trousers with a white tee and some Birkenstocks, the next a vintage Chloe blouse from a charity shop with some tailored trousers and then a gown for an event. I usually dress to how I am feeling that day - I like to be comfortable and warm. I hate the thought of being somewhere and getting cold - I always carry a jumper, even in the height of summer, and my ever growing collection of knits brings me a great deal of joy!”

My closet edit…

“My capsule closet consists of a vintage pair of Levi’s, white shirt, nice knit, some ballet flats and a trench. I also might throw in some Adidas black tracksuit bottoms for good measure - you can take the girl out of Huddersfield and all that...”


The fashion favourite…

“Probably my wedding dress made by Rejina Pyo. I really hope I can wear it again someday.”


Treasure hunt…

“I am forever trying to find the perfect black cigarette trousers and I also lost my favourite really old trenchcoat on a job - it was one of my most favourite coats as it was the perfect shape - I have been looking for a replacement ever since.”


“When it comes to fashion icons, I don't think I have one pin up - I feel most inspired when people-watching, as that way you can see how clothes move with people in them, and how they make people feel.
Luxury isn't about price it’s about something of beauty which you love deeply.”

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