Photography: Dan Martensen
Styling: Clare Richardson
SHOP THE LOOK / Le Maillon Leather shoulder bag by Saint Laurent, Black Wool Cropped Blazer by Balmain.

The thing to know about Lucy Hough, is if she gives her nod of approval to a new brand or a must-have closet essential, chances are you will very soon start coveting them too. You see Hough has great taste. As the Fashion and Creative Director of SheerLuxe - that digital fashion and lifestyle go-to that is more stylish and clued-up than the most stylish and clued-up person in your life – she has built a loyal fanbase thanks to her great eye, and effortless personal style. Favouring perfect denim, great shirting, and those essential little dresses that are always on our hitlist, here she tells Reluxe what is in her capsule wardrobe, and that elusive preloved vintage piece that she is searching for…

What is in your capsule wardrobe?


Blazers, shirts, plain tees and a lot of denim. I have a very defined uniform and curated capsule wardrobe. I like every piece I own to be able to be worn in multiple ways, so I don't shop in outfits. I invest in the basics because they make up 90% of my wardrobe, so they need to last and make me feel good. I also wear a very refined colour palette - navy, grey and white mainly. Some may think it’s boring, but it's what I feel best in. Then I use layers and accessories to mix it up. 

How do you shop vintage?


Always online. If I know exactly what I’m looking for, I will spend hours trawling the web to find it. I’m currently looking for the perfect suede fringed jacket - I loved one from Nili Lotan a few seasons ago and massively regret not buying it, so am trying to find something similar second hand.

What is your most treasured item of clothing?


A navy Blazé Milano Resolut blazer. I got it on sale a few years ago and it is the hero of my closet.


“I always shop for vintage online. If I know exactly what I’m looking for, I will spend hours trawling the web to find it.”
“I love how [French fashion editors] always stay true to their style and don’t defer from what suits them despite the trends. I also don’t like to look too tidy - I prefer that slightly dishevelled but chic look the French do so well.”

Is there anything you buy every season?


For Autumn/Winter I like to invest in a coat or blazer and boots. Winter is so long in the UK, so they are very worthwhile investments. 

Which designers do you hunt for in vintage stores?


Old Céline. 

What does luxury mean to you?


Quality and craftsmanship, the details on the fit and high-quality fabrics. The ability to elevate a very simple outfit, and make it effortless. 

How do you shop?


At the beginning of the season I love to go to department stores and see all the new collections in one space. Bon Marché is my favourite store in the world - not only do they stock an amazing range of brands, but they have the best buy and curated edit. However, I tend to do all my purchasing online.