New Year’s Wardrobe Resolutions
Editorial: Sienna Mayers

Break old habits

“Now is a smarter time than ever to rediscover your own closet.”

It’s the last week of January, party season is officially over, and it's the perfect time to pause. Amidst economic and environmental crises, now is a smarter time than ever to rediscover your own closet. So take a moment to consider the clothes you really wear, versus what you own and buy.
In the depths of winter, it's tempting to seek the instant gratification that comes with fast fashion parcels arriving on our doorsteps. Yet, reflecting on the current climate, it's far more savvy to ‘shop your own wardrobe’'. And with the majority our garments barely getting a look-in, it would be wasteful not to.


Detoxing your own wardrobe is free of charge and a great way to earn money. By having a fresh look at the impulse purchases of yesteryear, space is freed up for what you really want to wear. Long-forgotten gems have a chance to be uncovered and enjoyed guilt-free at no extra cost. In this step-by-step guide, we unpack everything you need to know about selling your unwanted clothes, from revealing which items hold the most resale value to shopping more sustainably in the future. 


Detox your wardrobe

A detox might feel daunting. Naturally, it’s not always easy to part with pieces that hold treasured memories or are particularly special. If you genuinely can't part with certain possessions you know you won’t wear, store them away to prevent them taking up wardrobe space. For other items you're undecided on, ease in with a ‘maybe’ pile - but don't forget to come back to it.


Earn money from clothes you don’t wear

Once you feel ready to let go, choose a resale platform that's easy to use and trusted to handle luxury fashion with care. With stylist Clare Richardson at the helm, every piece sold with Reluxe is expertly valued in collaboration with you. Our mission is to provide a curated and thoughtful edit of preloved luxury garments that shoppers love, whether online or at our monthly pop-up shopping events around London. Thanks to our white glove concierge service that takes care of everything, there's no need to lift a finger. You can simply relax and wait for the money you earn to be deposited straight into your bank account every month.


Earn even more commission by selling your bags

Reluxe is a renowned shopping destination for preloved handbags, which are some of the most highly sought-after items on the resale market. For bags valued at over £800, we offer a competative 70% flat commission rate. Our in-house authenticators use their knowledge of the market to reach an in-depth valuation, whilst our photographers will beautifully capture each accessory. Your bags will be in safe hands with the Reluxe team, and in their soon-to-be-found new home. 

your bags
with us
"The preloved market has changed the way we shop at brands like Chanel, Hermès, and Louis Vuitton. When buying a luxury handbag, shoppers are already thinking ahead to its resale value."

Clare Richardson


Shop more sustainably

To encourage lasting change, consider setting yourself some sustainable shopping rules. When weighing up a new purchase, ask yourself whether you already own at least three items you could wear with it. Think about what the actual cost per wear might be, rather than being swept away by the upfront price. Shopping second-hand can be a great way to practice your new fashion habits and can be just as affordable as shopping fast-fashion.


Everything on Reluxe has been carefully loved by its previous owner and is high-quality enough to live on for many more years in a new home. Plus, it’s all stylist-approved. The perfect guilt-free way to get your luxury fashion fix.

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