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summer getaway
Your flights are booked, the hotel is reserved, and your itinerary is filled…or blank, depending on the kind of vacation you are after. The last item on your to-do list: pack a suitcase. Sounds simple, but not without careful planning.

As a stylist, editor, and founder, Clare Richardson is no stranger to spontaneous trips to far-flung destinations. Whether for work or pleasure, she has developed some serious packing expertise. If you’re contemplating how to make the most of your carry-on luggage, or the best outfit to wear on the plane, read Clare’s guide to packing before digging out that suitcase from under the stairs.  

The British Staycation

The staycation has seen quite the resurgence from holidaymakers wanting to avoid airport queues, flight delays, and the now-dreaded lost luggage. There are some beautiful places to visit in Britain, but packing light is often a challenge as the weather can be wildly unpredictable. Think layers; bring delicate camisoles like this floral Dior number, but pack a cashmere jumper or baggy shirt to throw on. Midi skirts and maxi dresses are better suited to the UK than abroad (heatwaves notwithstanding), so long as fabrics are loose and breathable..

The Mediterranean cruise

If you’re exploring the wonders of the Mediterranean this summer, you need to think occasions and outfits. Panic-packing a suitcase of seemingly useful items is pointless if they don’t match your plans - or each other. Try to find foundational pieces that can transition from day to night and between locations with a few well-chosen accessories, like a statement pair of earrings or heeled Valentino sandals. As a cruise is the perfect time to wow onlookers with your most loved looks, don’t forget to bring some bolder, more luxurious choices to channel your main character energy. 

The Safari adventure

For a once-in-a-lifetime wilderness experience, you’ve got to safari in style. But while a trip to the Serengeti may seem the pinnacle of a luxury holiday - and the spectacular views and wall-to-wall sunshine would testify to that - your best bet is to go for comfort as there’s usually a lot of travel between attractions. Sneakers are wonderfully versatile, pairing just as well with a pair of cargo pants as a silky midi skirt. Breezy, loose-fitting pieces like this Pippa Kolt kaftan will keep you cool during the day, but pack a vintage sweatshirt for early morning game drives. You’ll never have a better chance to wear your most oversized hats and sunglasses, so seize the opportunity with a pair of Celine sunnies.

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