Simone Rocha needs few words to describe her aesthetic, for her romantic, dreamy, ethereal, memorable, and story-filled clothing speak for themselves. It’s what has always drawn Clare Richardson to them, as when she uses them in her styling work, it is the pieces that dictate the narrative. Which is what makes the launch of Simone Rocha x Relove even more special and personal, as Clare explains;

“I love how Simone expresses emotions and intellectual sentiments in her collections. A powerful woman always lies at the heart of everything she does. Literally and figuratively.”

The label is less than 13 years old, and yet it quickly became the definition of the London fashion scene thanks to its rebellious undertones. Beloved by Michelle Obama, Sarah Paulson, and Keira Knightley, the Irish designer finds kindred spirits in women who are seeking some gothic romance from their fashion. 

What did you want to achieve when you set up the Simone Rocha label? 

More than anything, I wanted to make clothing that trigger emotions. 


What inspires you?  

So many things. Ireland, Hong Kong, art, nature, history. Each collection will have its own story behind it that transpires from the one before, continually bringing me back to where it all began.


What drew you to fashion?  

It was in my blood. 


Describe the Simone Rocha woman? 

It’s no one woman; it’s someone who identifies with femininity in their own way for today. 


What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

People taking responsibility for their footprint.  


What's your signature outfit?  

A black silk dress, a fine knit, and an oversized green bomber jacket with Nikes.  


What have you been most proud of in your career?  

The most meaninful moments have been my shows, sharing an experience with others. It makes me want to make my clothing even more visceral, more tactile, so this can be felt wherever in the world someone is watching.


What's next for the brand?  

I’ve just launched my first menswear collection at the end of last year. I want to bring everything I've devoted to womenwear - the emotion, the dissonance, the provocation - and create something extraordinary.

“The Simone Rocha woman is no one woman; it’s someone who identifies with femininity in their own way for today.”
“Personally, I love that you can feel so strong in a feminine dress. That is the beauty of Simone Rocha. She makes you powerful and beautiful at the same time.”

Clare Richardson
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