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Camille Perry and Holly Wright founded Tove with the vision to create a wardrobe of sustainable pieces that are versatile and easily transition from occasion to occasion, day to night. And they succeeded, quickly becoming renowned for their signature colours, silhouettes and commitment to the future of fashion. To celebrate Relove x TOVE, they discuss where it all started and where they want it to go. 

What was the idea behind Tove?

Holly Wright: We had recognized that there was a disparity between contemporary and luxury and an opportunity for a modern, timeless, and feminine womenswear brand. The contemporary market was oversaturated with trend driven brands that lacked attention to construction and quality fabrics. We wanted to propose an answer to this void by creating a modern wardrobing brand that focuses on the fit, luxury fabrics, and timeless design, with an attainable pricing architecture that reflects the care taken with each piece.


Camille Perry: Our collective vision was to create a wardrobe of sustainable signature pieces that are versatile and could transition easily between occasions, day-to-evening, and work-to-family. Pieces that are beautiful enough to make a statement, whilst never overpowering the wearer. Our collections feature refined paired back styling, beautiful luxurious fabrics, with a focus on true quality. We felt we couldn’t find a brand that subscribed to this ethos, so were compelled to create it.  

“A forever piece feels relevant, yet timeless and makes you feel incredible every time you wear it.”
“Our collections are designed to be seasonless, creating a wardrobe that is relevant to the season, yet is timeless, and every collection is a continuation of the one before.”

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?

CP: Sustainable practices are the DNA of our brand and influences all our decision making. We feel passionately that a brand created at this time must have sustainability at its heart to reduce its impact on the planet. We simply cannot continue operating the way we used to, on so many levels – wasteful production cycle, the excessive mindset… The fabrics we work with when designing the collection are chosen due to their sustainable nature. Our signature organic cotton and silk have both been chosen not only for their beauty and timelessness, but also due to the fact that they will last a lifetime, after which they will degrade naturally. Similarly, our packaging is recycled, or designed to be used time and again.


HW: Small-batch production helps us to maintain the levels of craft and consideration with every piece that we make. When a style sells out quicker than anticipated, that can be exciting and slightly frustrating! However, as our collections evolve from one season to the next, we often reimagine these pieces for the forthcoming season to give our customers a chance to buy them again. It also means that our production is mindful of waste. 

What does your summer escape wardrobe look like? 

HW: I always take our signature pieces like the Maren Dress when heading on summer vacation. It is the perfect piece to wear when the temperature rises. The silk is beautifully delicate in the heat and the silhouette of the dress has such beautiful movement when on the body. Both the pale pink and spot versions of the dress work well for both day and through to warm summer evenings.


CP: The Delphin Dress is perfect for summer in the city. In crisp organic cotton and featuring the gathered detailing across the bodice that runs throughout the collection this dress is great for a daytime lunch or for a summer wedding.


How would you encourage a woman to wear colour, when they normally shy away?

CP: Start with one piece that you love. Often it can be hard to feel confident with colour if you are a person who usually adopts a neutral aesthetic with you wardrobe. Colour is so emotive, if you a drawn to piece and it sparks a positive or joyful reaction within you then it could be a good first step to embracing more colour within your wardrobe.


HW: Start gently, try pieces that speak to you and see how they make you feel when you wear them. Whether the colour lifts both your complexion and your confidence. A dress can usually be an easier piece to start with. It has great impact as a total look and avoids the “pairing” decision that teaming colour with separates can create.


What is the definition of a forever piece?

HW: It is a piece that is made with care and has a timeless quality that you are compelled to return to wear time and time again. It feels relevant, yet timeless and makes you feel incredible every time you wear it.


What is the future for Tove?

CP: We are very ambitious and have so many ideas, but everything we do has to be intentional. Such a thoughtful approach resonates with our customers as well. This year, we plan to continue revealing some exciting new categories and moments as well as travel more so we could get even closer to our global community of women.  


What are your favourite pieces from Relove x Tove?

HW: A favourite piece from the Relove x TOVE collection is the Phoebe Dress. The dress is a new iteration of our signature Ceres Dress and has been worn by both Gabrielle Union-Wade and Amanda Gorman. Crafted in a beautiful Italian moire taffeta in a distinctive fuchsia colour, it is a standout piece from our collection and perfect for both summer and winter occasions.


CP: The Noor Dress is an elegant option for evening wear. Created in a soft silk satin with stretch to provide the perfect fit, the Noor Dress is a timeless, refined piece that makes a statement. 

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