Welcome to Reluxe
with Clare Richardson
Photography: Dan Martensen
Text: Clare Richardson
This is a project that I have been developing slowly, and quietly, over the last couple of years. Firstly, it is important to say that I love fashion. Love it. It is why I am so passionate about the job that I do, as a stylist and brand consultant, and the designers that I get to work with.

However, it is not news to any of us, that the impact of this industry, like many others, on the environment, is something we can’t and shouldn’t ignore. I wanted to do something, anything, to help be part of a solution.


And, after many conversations with my husband, family, and friends, Reluxe was born. A resale platform that is a curated and luxury experience, not only selling the best product, and delivering it sustainably - compostable packaging and electric bikes - but also offering a narrative that inspires and educates. My hope is that it will genuinely celebrate a return to a slow fashion movement and help change our shopping behavior. 

Now, I am not saying that I am perfect, but I have always tried to make mindful and conscious purchases. I buy for the long term, never the short, I shop vintage and pre-loved, and I never throw clothes away, instead I resale or donate.  But I find that the current resale market is confused and cluttered. There may be something for everyone, but when bombarded with more and more product, it is harder and harder to find it. At Reluxe, we will guide you easily, to help you to source what you are looking for.

My hope is that Reluxe will genuinely celebrate a return to a slow fashion movement.

But it won’t just be me guiding you. I have a network of amazing women behind the scenes, and in front, to help. Women I have been lucky enough to meet through my work, and now even luckier to call my friends. Women who inspired me to enter fashion in the first place, and seduced me to stay through the incredible work they have done – both in front of the camera, behind, and for the environment, community and charity. Many of these glorious women have already agreed to support Reluxe in any way that they can. As storytellers, sellers, shoppers, muses and cheerleaders. I want you to join them.

Reluxe will launch later this year in the UK, with plans to scale up quickly throughout other markets.

In London, and soon offered elsewhere, we will provide a concierge service, where myself, or a member of my team, will personally come to your home and help you edit and select the pieces to sell. But while it is a work in progress, it will take you to make it work. 

We want you to buy and sell with us, and be the first to experience the edit of product, and the values that Reluxe has been based on. 


Please sign up to be the first to join this fashion revolution, read our advice on how to rethink your shopping habits, and where to begin with that wardrobe edit (it’s honestly not nearly as painful as you imagine). 


I can’t wait for you to discover the world of Reluxe…

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