Closet Reluxe: Laura Jackson

Photography: Dan Martensen
Styling: Clare Richardson

Reads|Closet Reluxe: Laura Jackson
Broadcaster, co-founder and Creative Director of Glassette, Laura Jackson, invites our founder, Clare Richardson, into her home to edit her closet. From loved and meaningful knits, through oversized jackets that Clare wrestles from her hands, Laura submits to the integral clear out, while revealing how she shops, mood dressing and what she is always searching for…
My inspiration… “When it comes to fashion icons, I don't think I have one pin up - I feel most inspired when people-watching, as that way you can see how clothes move with people in them, and how they make people feel. I could sit in Paris and people watch for years, I find it the most inspiring place for effortless fashion.” Style regrets… “Thankfully I am not sure anyone has ever told me that they hate anything I am wearing, but I do question a lot of my own outfits and sometimes I look back and cringe. I did once have a faux fur pink gillet when I lived it Leeds - everyone hated that at the time. Unsurprisingly...” Editor or Hoarder?... “I think I am both - I do find it hard to let go of things but sometimes I get overwhelmed and then I will do a mass edit. I tend to give things to my sister and mum though, as if I want it back I know where it is!”
Luxury isn't about price it’s about something of beauty which you love deeply.”
Future style… “Like everything in life – my style is constantly evolving. I am here for the ride - although I don't wanna see that pink gillet ever again.” Luxury is… “Luxury isn't about price it’s about something of beauty which you love deeply.” Parting note… “If I was to give any fashion advice, it would be this…wear clothes that suit you and that you are comfortable in - probably not a tip but words I live by.”

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