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“Founded by London-based duo, Lily Atherton Hanbury and Katya Shyfrin, Le Monde Béryl creates classic but beautiful shoes inspired by a sense of adventure. Created to ‘take you where you want to go, and enhance the life you want to lead, here they explain how their shoes will literally take you on a journey…”
Where does the inspiration come from? The idea came to us in Venice, where we were inspired by the shape and ingenuity of the original gondolier slippers, which are made from scraps of recycled tires and felt or velvet. We loved the idea that style can be simultaneously practical, sustainable and sumptuous. We are also inspired by architecture: the study of form, materials and a sculptural simplicity that supports human routine and achievement — the exquisite beauty of something that looks simple but is so dense in thought and consideration under the influence of traditional craft. How do you work together? Katya and I clicked from minute one. She is immensely clever and decisive. I think we both trust our instincts when we are together. We are both creative and practical, however she is far more organised, so nothing would actually happen without her. What does the brand represent to you? To me, the brand represents a way to give form to a feeling and a feeling to form. Feet — and therefore shoes — take us anywhere we want to go, so shoes should enhance whatever life you want to lead. The brand represents this life to me.
How do you like to see women wear Le Monde Beryl? I love to see them on their travels. What does the ultimate shoe collection look like? Like a library of colours and textures. Where are the pieces made? Everything is handmade in Italy, apart from specific artisanal collaborations, which have been created in places ranging from the Caima Alto Reserve of Colombia to India and more locally in England. How do you work with the artisans? We work with small family-owned and -run factories that have been practising traditional skills for generations. What does sustainable fashion mean to you? Sustainable fashion is a holistic concept and commitment. It’s also often an oxymoron. We focus on being non-toxic, from the materials we use to the assembly of our products, which highlight artisanal craftsmanship, smaller manufacturers and streamlined distribution. But the most important thing is making only what is needed and, ultimately, a product that is meant to be restored and reused rather than discarded.
What drew you to fashion? I am drawn to the recognisable language of functional, utilitarian beauty and the reinterpretation of tradition. What is your go-to outfit? I almost always wear jeans and a vintage silk men's shirt with our shoes and bags. How do you shop? I buy vintage or from smaller brands with a similar vision. What would you like the future of fashion to look like? Artisanal and lasting. What are your favourite pieces from Le Monde Beryl? I am in love with the leather Mary Janes and the Ortensia Carryall in Tobacco Velvet. I also never take off my Birdie Bag, which holds my keys, credit cards, phone and lipstick — the things I can’t forget or live without.

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