Life in Fashion: Laura Bailey

Photography: Michelle Beatty
Styling: Clare Richardson

Reads|Life in Fashion: Laura Bailey
The hair, the smile, the Chanel…Laura Bailey needs little introduction. As she invites us into her home, Bailey talks us through her life in fashion, style and work, and the curated edit she’s crafted of her favourite Reluxe pieces.
“My Chanel little black jacket given to me by Karl Lagerfeld. Still my favourite piece, twenty years later. It emulates timeless, mood-changing chic whether I wear it with love-worn jeans or tweed and pearls.”
“I’ve got a thing about not saving things for 'best'. If something brings you joy, be that a party dress or diamonds, wear them today. Don’t wait for the perfect outing: the time is now.”
“Reluxe is the dream. I can search my favourite brands and discover archive gems, but also be inspired by the curated edit, the collaborators, and the founder herself, Clare Richardson. It’s slick and modern but feels soulful and personal - in short, it feels like the future.”
How would you describe your working life, and does it reflect in your wardrobe? A working day could find me on either side of the camera, biking across London for meetings, or at my desk in my studio, so my style needs to be practical as well as chic. As I usually start or end my day with tennis, I’ve either got my sportswear packed or I’m already wearing the socks if not the whole outfit. As a photographer, I’m seeking to capture the spirit of a subject as much as the style. In the casting process, I am always inspired by the real lifestyle of the models and artists I meet and often return to my original Polaroids. Behind the camera, I’m most often shooting in a boyish suit (mine is by Alex Eagle Studio), a vintage tee, and trainers - or my beloved Doc Martens. And always something Chanel - a kind of lucky charm. Are you working on any passion projects outside of the fashion industry? I’m a long-term ambassador to Save The Children and have supported many of their projects and campaigns for a decade now, combining fundraising and storytelling alongside an inspiring UK team. For the last few years, I’ve also taught and mentored in my local community centre. Since the Grenfell tragedy, teaching has become one of the most fulfilling elements of my working life. What has been your proudest moment? Like any mother, my proudest moments are with my kids. But at work, I’ve felt most proud when using my voice to support the causes I believe in, especially girls’ education and sport. I also felt proud after climbing Kilimanjaro for charity in harrowing conditions. But then- I can’t resist a dare! And as a writer, photographer and editor, that feeling comes from championing young talent and amplifying diverse voices across the industry.

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