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How to Make your wardrobe last

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The Seam connects you with local, specialist Makers to repair, alter and extend the life of your wardrobe. Below, they share their top tips on wardrobe maintenance to help make your most treasured pieces last a lifetime.
1. Always read the garment label Every garment comes with a care label, usually found on the inside seam, which offers some key information, including 1) how to launder the item and 2) what it’s made from. The laundry details usually features a temperature indication (such as 30°, 40°, or warmer). It’s important to know that these temperatures refer to the hottest wash your garment can endure, rather than what it should be washed at. In most cases, wash cooler, at 30°. This is less invasive on garments and helps them last longer.
2. Know your stains before removal Stains happen, and the faster you act is usually the better. It’s important to know the type of stain you’re working with before treating, so you can apply the most effective solution, or let an eco cleaner know the substance for the best chance of removal. Screenshot this handy guide to treating top stains!
3. Don’t sit on knitwear holes… When your knitted jumpers and woollen treasures fall victim to a moth hole or a bad snag, getting them fixed on the sooner side is important. Knitwear’s structure means that a hole or tear in any kind of knitted garment left unchecked, can increase in size until it unravels the entire piece.
4. Store leather shoes and bags in safe conditions Leather goods can be preserved for years by keeping them away from sunlight and moisture. We recommend storing bags and shoes in a dry, clean wardrobe, inside of a dustbag. Adding a silica gel packet into the dust bag is an additional way to keep out moisture.
5. When in doubt, ask an expert At The Seam, we help people find creative solutions for garments and accessories that have seen better days. From embroidering over stains to completely restoring cracked and torn leather handbags, our Makers are on hand to make it last.

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