Relove feat. Susan Caplan

Relove feat. Susan Caplan
Susan Caplan is the globally renowned luxury vintage jewellery brand synonymous with exclusivity and authenticity. Her pieces are seen on high-profile celebrities and are available to buy in the world's finest stores. With her collection spanning the last 8 decades and designers including Chanel, Givenchy, Dior and more, her pieces capture the attention of all who care about style and sustainability.
What was the idea behind the brand?
I was surrounded by antiques and remarkable design from an early age. My parents were avid antique collectors and my parents’ home was designed by revolutionary architect Walter Segal and Terence Conran with pieces by Eames, Hille and Robin Day. These influences ultimately led me to launching Susan Caplan in 2008 as a selection of curated collections for luxury department stores that created synergy between vintage and contemporary style confirming that vintage fashion could be luxury. My focus was to pioneer sustainable shopping whilst delivering exceptional craftsmanship and design.
Who is the Susan Caplan woman?
The Susan Caplan customer is someone who wants to shop, in a responsible manner, for key quality pieces that can be used season to season. Someone who appreciates the craftsmanship, design and extraordinary detail of vintage jewellery.

What does sustainable fashion mean to you?
We live in a time where preserving the world we live in is paramount. For us, the most important benefit is the environmental impact - as we focus on reducing our carbon footprint, re-using materials that are already in existence goes a long way to drive a much needed circular economy.

Where do you source your pieces from?
That is something I can’t reveal but when sourcing I look for pieces that draw attention and to ensure we are curating collections with the highest quality, we follow our 3 C’s- credibility, craftsmanship & condition. ‘Credibility’ is ensuring its authenticity by establishing if the piece is original. For example, ensuring that the markings bear the correct signature of the designer. ‘Craftsmanship’ is ensuring that the design was correctly executed for that period by reviewing key components for example, the weight. Crystals can be a sign of good craftsmanship too as they should be sparkling and highly faceted. Intricate detail and meticulous artistry is always distinctive with vintage jewellery. ‘Condition’ is understanding if the piece is in its original condition or if there have been any repairs. Reviewing the back of the piece is just as important as the front as it should be made to perfection too
"Our collections have graced the catwalks including Cara Delevingne and Jordan Dunn wearing Susan Caplan on the runway and Beyoncé and Adele separately gracing the cover of British Vogue in Susan Caplan."
What have been the most memorable pieces you have come across?
When asked this, I always revert back to one individual piece that forever stays in my mind. It was the Versace harness that we had in the collection, it was a truly iconic runway piece embodying the originality of vintage Versace. A piece not easy to wear yet it sold very quickly to a world renowned celebrity.

What are your favourite pieces from Susan Caplan x Relove collection
One of my favourite pieces is the Chanel belt. I’m a lover of bold, statement accessories. This belt is iconic to the 80s, one of my favourite decades and when Victoire de Castellane was at the helm.

What is your go-to outfit?
I am always seen in big statement earrings, my favourite are my Jensen ones from the 70`s and no one ever sees me without my statement silver bracelet–by Henning Koppel-that was a 21st birthday present so it is very vintage and very special.
Are there any "no-gos" or beginner's mistakes when it comes to buying vintage jewellery?
There could be many beginner’s mistakes – for example buying a piece that is not authentic or not noticing a repaired item that could easily break again. I would suggest doing a volume of research. Acquiring a vintage collection takes a huge amount of historical knowledge and expertise which can be learnt through books, antique markets and at auction houses to name a few. Familiarising yourself by handling and looking at the pieces is very helpful. I would also always encourage going to a reputable vintage source to ensure authenticity.

What is the one piece that you are still searching for?
Luckily, with the network of contacts I've built up over my 40 years' curating vintage jewellery collections, I'm always able to find that special piece.

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