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New York based Founder of VSJ Consulting, Viktorija Jasevice has made herself a name in the industry not only for her modern approach to PR and brand development but also for her elegant style. A native Lithuanian who started her career in London is known for her less-but-better philosophy, and developing strategies for some of the most exciting rising brands, such as TOVE, Savette, By Malene Birger, and others
What is in your capsule wardrobe? My capsule wardrobe has not changed for a decade now, so it’s tried and tested. It includes a thin black merino wool turtleneck, well-fitted medium wash jean, tailored black pants, long Prada linen skirt, classic Chanel flats (in black and in tweed), black and white t-shirts from The Row and Rosetta Getty, a timeless day-to-night bag from Savette and Hermes, cashmere crewneck sweater in a neutral colour, a good dress for the evening, and of course my personal jewellery - vintage Cartier Panthere watch, wedding ring, tennis bracelet that my husband gave me for my 30th birthday, and a pair of mini diamond hoops.

How do you shop vintage? I always get inspired to source vintage pieces after seeing old fashion editorials or watching a movie. Earlier this year, I rewatched the American Gigolo movie with Lauren Hutton, she wore this Bottega Veneta Lauren 1980 clutch in a beautiful deep shade of red. And I was lucky to find it online immediately, but sometimes I have to have a running list of items I wish to find, so I can look online regularly. It’s also fun to shop vintage when travelling.
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What is your most treasured item of clothing? I am not precious about clothes, but there is one item that I wish I bought in bulk so I try to take care of it so that it will last me for years. It’s that grey-ish linen Prada skirt from the Spring 2020 collection, that was styled with a grey ribbed polo knit. When those runway show inages came out, so many people were reposting that look on Instagram. It’s truly the best piece I ever splurged on, because you can wear it in spring and fall with a cashmere sweater and in the summer is perfect with a tee and sandals. I pack it on every trip, it goes with everything.

What is the piece of fashion that you are still searching for? That Prada skirt! I need a back up. Also very high on my list right now is an Hermes Plume 28 handbag in black or chocolate togo leather or in chocodile, from early 2000’s preferably.

What are your future fashion heirlooms? Pieces with a deeper meaning and memories. Most of them are pieces that were gifted by my husband. He has an excelent eye!

What is your favourite styling tip? I don’t have one, since my style is so paired back and it haven’t changed much since my early 20’s. I would advise to follow your gut and wear what feels good.

Who is your fashion icon? I’ve always admired individuals with a personal style. I love French Interior Designer Andrée Putman, of crourse CBK, Lee Radziwill. Some iconic men are inspiring too - I love Brazilian Formula 1 driver Ayrton Senna.

Is there anything you buy every season? No! I am very fortunate to be able to have high quality pieces that last me for seasons and years, so I don’t need to waste time on replacing them.
Which designers do you hunt for in vintage stores? More timeless brands like Chanel, Hermes, I like 90’s Jil Sander and Calvin Klein too.

What does luxury mean to you? Time and convenience.

How do you shop? I always have a running wishlist, to which I add and delete from, and organize in priority order. Normally it’s only for pieces that I may need to update, like a new pair of heeled ankle boots, or a winter hat.

What do you collect? If we can call this collecting… I have been building a collection of evening bags as I feel that you can be more playful with them vs anjz everyday bag. I have a Savette Sport clutch in black lizard- it’s so special. Also, my old Mark Cross Grace box bag in a tiny size- you can barely fit your phone, but it looks super elegant in a smooth leather with silver hardware. Then I have my Bottega Venetta Lauren 1980 clutch, and The Row’s 90’s bag, which I love for its function and how it goes with everything.

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