A Life In Fashion

Tish Weinstock

A Life In Fashion|Tish Weinstock
Tish Weinstock is Contributing Beauty Editor at Vogue, where she writes about skincare, wellness and mental health. Renowned for her gothic glamour, here she discusses her journey into fashion, her obsession with Morticia Addams, and her love of vintage Galliano.
Where did your love of fashion come from?
As a kid, I was always dressing up, whether I was getting into character with some fancy dress, or raiding my sisters's wardrobes. I was also obsessed with magazines and used to tear out Tom Ford-era Gucci and Galliano for Dior ad campaigns and stick them all over my walls. I loved the theatre and the fantasy of it all. The fact that these are the clothes that I gravitate towards now and am lucky enough to own feels quite special.

I knew early on I wanted to work in magazines. I thought it was the chicest thing ever. I got an internship at Garage and then i-D where Holly Shackleton gave me my first job.

In your childhood. - were your family in to fashion, art etc? What was your relationship with clothes like then - did you make them ? Did you use them as a distraction?
My grandmother used to dress head to toe in Chanel and took so much pride in how she looked, which was so instrumental to me growing up. She had a very specific style which was so intrinsic to her identity. That idea of style and identity being so linked, must have subliminally rubbed off on me. She used to let me dress up in her clothes which I loved.

"My grandmother used to dress head to toe in Chanel and took so much pride in how she looked, which was so instrumental to me growing up."
Who were your role models or influences when you started out in the industry?
In terms of writing, Holly Shackleton taught me everything I know and helped me find my voice. But it’s probably my husband who keeps me interested in fashion and the industry. He really opened my eyes to the academicism involved and made me take it much more seriously.

Were you always interested in writing? Can you name your favourite books. - classics and now?
I used to keep a diary as a kid so I guess writing is something that has always come naturally. The last book I read and loved was Tomorrow and Tomorrow and Tomorrow - I’d never read anything like it - both in terms of style and narrative.

What three words would you use to describe your style and how has it evolved over the years?
Vintage, romantic, dark. I’ve always been into that darker, romantic aesthetic, I’ve just traded in the dog collars and doc martens for Galliano masai chokers and Miu Miu boots. I’d say my style has become more refined, less teen angst-y.

Are there any particular fashion eras or movements that you feel a strong connection to?
For me it’s 20s flapper dresses, 30s silk and lace slips and velvet gowns and then 90s/00s Tom Ford and Galliano.

Can you tell us more about your wedding looks and your thought processs/inspiration behind it and the pieces.
I wanted to look like a corpse bride; a deathly apparition. A cross between a nightmare and fairy tale. I went to see Jane Bourvis a vintage lace dealer who had just bought some Normandy lace at auction. It was off white and had stains which I loved. Together we created the perfect silhouette that was basically based on Morticia Addams’s iconic look. For my something blue I bought the most exquisite John Galliano gown from his iced maidens collection. Totally see through but with a smattering of intricate beaded detailing. For my final looks I chose a Dior beaded gown and then a Versace slip to dance in.

What are some of your favorite fashion pieces or accessories that you can't live without?
My engagement ring which my husband sourced from SJ Philips. A black cardigan by John Galliano. It’s just the perfect cut. An incredibly worn black Chanel bag that was my Granny’s. To be honest I love every piece of clothing in my wardrobe, each one tells a story.

What do you look for when shopping preloved?
I look for those rarer pieces that not everyone will have.

What are your favourite pieces on Reluxe right now?
I have my eye on this velvet Chanel dress . It’s so chic. Someone needs to buy these Alexander McQueen boots immediately. I have giant hooves so sadly won’t fit

How do you stay connected to the ever-evolving fashion industry and culture?
Being at shows, reading thinkpieces and reviews, listening to podcasts, talking to people in the industry and just generally being online keeps me connected and helps me form my opinion and make sense of everything. But then also knowing when to take a break, because sometimes it can be overwhelming which makes it harder to sort the hype and buzzy moments from the truly culture-defining, history rewriting ones.

How do your personal experiences and background influence your work in beauty, fashion, and culture?
Studying history of art was a great primer and has helped me approach fashion in more intellectual way. There are some things that I would never wear and just aren’t to my taste, but I can still appreciate the intention behind them.

How do you define success in your career, and what achievements are you most proud of?
I would equate success to happiness and being continually inspired. If you’re doing something that excites you and makes you feel good, you’re succeeding in life.

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